special 2-day trekking tour

Our 2-day trekking journey will take you through 2 Tay – Dao ethnic cultures. You can not only admire the fairy beauty of villages hidden in Tay Con Linh mountain range – the roof of northeastern Vietnam, but also deeply feel the diverse cultural life of Dao ethnic community through authentic local experiences: trek to ancient tea forests, pick tea leaves by hand and directly do steps to make the final tea products with locals…

  Duration : 2 days 1 night

  Pick-up & Drop-off: At your accommodation in Ha Giang city

  Highlight : Trek off the beaten/ Local experiences/ Stay at ethnic houses/ Traditional ethnic food/ Learn about culture/ Trek to the forest and do tea work with locals

☀️ Departure: Every Day at 8:00 Am


☀️ Distance: Around 30km

  Transport: Private car to trekking area


We’re here to bring you to TOUCH the BEAUTY of Ha Giang people,

nature and culture in the closest way!

DAY 1: HÀ GIANG city – XÀ PHÌN (fairy village of Dao ethnic people) (Around 13km)


At 8:00 am, our guide and car pick you up at your accommodation in Ha Giang city to Phuong Tien market gate where you will begin your trekking journey.

From there, you walk through the majestic beauty of forests and terraced fields, enjoy a fresh and peaceful atmosphere in the highland, and finally stop at Xa Phin village. This is one of the most beautiful Dao villages in Ha Giang, like a real-life fairy village, highlighted by moss-covered palm roofs. 

By living with ethnic people, you will turn into a true local by deeply experiencing in exchanging culture, learning about culture, lifestyle and customs there.


Enjoy a family meal with locals, experience unique specialty food and take a break at the stilt house.


  • Find out how Shan Tuyet green tea was born and enjoy afternoon tea with untouched beauty of terraced fields in the middle of mountains. This kind of tea is one of the most precious and delicious tea specialties in Vietnam, which is handmade by locals only there. 
  • Moreover, you have the opportunity to spend the whole afternoon with local trekking in an ancient tea forest hundreds of years old, directly picking and selecting the freshest tea leaves to do steps to make the final tea products. Enjoying cups of hot tea made by yourself will definitely be a great experience.


Culture exchange, interact with locals, cook together and enjoy cozy family meals beside the fire.

DAY 2:  XÀ PHÌN – LÙNG VÀI – HẠ THÀNH –  HÀ GIANG city (Around 15km)


After breakfast, we continue the trekking journey to Lung Vai village by a unique and secret road (around 5km) through the forest only known by some locals, never seen on Google Maps. This will be an interesting and unforgettable journey for all of us!


Arrive in Lung Vai village, a village of Dao ethnic community with eye-catching terraced fields, unique palm hills.

  • Enjoy a cozy family meal at a local house, experience unique dishes that no other tours have such as "grilled pork with tea leaves in bamboo tubes" served with forest vegetables.
  • After that, you can have lunch break and take a short nap at the stilt house.

Spending time there, you have the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the authentic lives, culture and customs of Dao ethnic people. Besides, admire the pristine and peaceful beauty of the village surrounded by untouched natural pictures.


Continue trekking to Ha Thanh village. This is proudly one of the most beautiful Tay villages in Ha Giang that still preserves 100% of the houses on stilts with palm leaf roofs interspersed with terraced fields. There you will have a chance to experience:

  • Admire the terraced fields next to the beautiful stilt houses.
  • Get a great insight into the customs, lifestyle and culture of the Tay ethnic people by entering a random house and interacting with the locals.
  • Have a cool dip into the heart-shaped waterfall and enjoy its cool, limpid water with huge cliffs.

After exploring around Ha Thanh village, the trekking journey ends there. Our car will come to pick you up at around 5pm. See you soon on our next journey of Ha Giang Loop.



- Free pick up and drop off by private car to trekking area

Meals- 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner

- Drinking waters

- Free "happy water" (local wine) and dinner party (if have)


+ Standard homestay in Xa Phin village

Tour guide- Experienced local guides
Insurance- Travel insurance fee up to 30,000,000 VND/person/case

- Entrance fee (if have)

-  Two-way bus ticket to Ha Giang
-  Meal/food outside the tour program
-  VAT bill
-  Border zone permit for foreigners: $10
-  Other expense and tips

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Book online and pay easily in 4 steps:

Step 1: Fill in the registration form “Book tour” on the tour you choose and press the confirm button.

Step 2: After registration, our support team will contact you to confirm and support you as soon as possible in 2 hours.

Step 3: After you pay 30% of tour price as the deposit, we'll send the booking confirmation and receipt via email.

Step 4: The remaining amount will be paid at the end of your tour / Don't hesitate as you have happy insurance, if you're unsatisfied, we will refund.

-  Surcharge for single room 11$~250k VNĐ/room (apply for who wants to stay alone in 1 room).

This tour is not recommended for children under 15 years old ( Children who want to join the tour should be in good health condition and have experience in long-distance trekking, at least 13km/day)

- Cancel tour within 5-10 days before departure date, penalty 50% on tour price.
- Cancel tour within 3-5 days before departure date, penalty 75% of tour price.
- Cancel tour within 0 - 3 days before departure date, penalty 100% of tour price.
- Cancel tour due to Covid, natural disasters, floods, bad weather, pandemic... you will get 100% refund

- Good health condition and have experience in trekking before because you need to trek up to the mountain, through forests in cool weather (usually under 20 degree Celsius or even lower depending on each reason)

-  Wind jacket, warm clothes, swimwear, gloves and masks.

-  Sport shoes, passport, cash, backpack (recommend not to bring too many clothes to easily go trekking and the backpack not heavy).

-  Sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent.

- Phone with 4G/ Internet Sim-card (Viettel is recommended), backup charger.

- Good health and spirit of discovery to enjoy every moment with us ^.^ 

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explore ha giang in the most special way!

Get ready for a taste of cultural immersion as you are off the beaten track

and into the diversity of authentic local experiences.