Lokahagiang is a special project of Vietnam Travel Advisor – Viettravelo.com and Ha Giang Travel Advisor – Thodiahagiang.com, built by Mr. Giap Van Hai – a Travel Blogger who has a deep love and dedication for the northern mountains of Vietnam, especially Ha Giang province.

Proud to be the pioneer team in community-based tourism in Ha Giang, we not only give you a real insight into local lives, but also create a genuine difference to ethnic people.

Through our unique tours, we aim at sustainable tourism values, organize charity and social projects to help ethnic people not only have jobs, improve income to cover lives, but also be deeply aware of their cultural values and preserve them in the best way.

In order to bring real value, we focus on your “experience” and “journey” rather than just “check-in”. Our tours are designed to give everyone an authentic taste of the local community’s heritage, their cultural traditions and natural resources, and in this way bring more immersive and richer travel experiences to our beloved travelers.

Our guides are 100% locals, they’re young ethnic people from different groups who are selected and trained to become storytellers on the road and good friends of yours in our journeys exploring Ha Giang. More than anyone else, we’re the most knowledgeable about the nature, culture and life here, from which we can convey information and messages to you perfectly and accurately.

The lives of many highland people are still really difficult and needy. Through our special tours, we hope you can understand all the values we want to convey as well as join hands with us to help their lives better and contribute to Ha Giang tourism development in the right way and sustainably.

With more than 700+ journeys in Ha Giang with people all around the world over the past 6 years, we have created significant values ​​to ethnic communities as well as brought authentic local experiences, mind expanding adventures and breathtaking sceneries to everyone. So, are you ready to be our next special guest exploring Ha Giang as a real local?


Since 2019, we have made a certain contribution to Ha Giang tourism, especially building models of eco-tourism and community for local ethnic people. From 2023 to 2025, there will be “Travel with locals” throughout Vietnam. Take Lokahagiang as a “Case Study” to replicate to other provinces and cities. The first already is in Ha Giang and the next are some Northwest and Northeast provinces such as Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Binh Lieu (Quang Ninh), Ninh Binh, Sapa..


  • Giving our travelers a completely new and impressive travel experience after each trip about the beautiful sceneries, cultural features and people of every destination.
  • Create jobs for ethnic people, thereby helping them to have right awareness and specific actions to preserve their own national cultural identity.
  • People connection: The connection between travelers and locals, with the motto that after each trip, there are more friends there. This also helps travelers and locals exchange cultural knowledge.


  • Advice on everything about Ha Giang tourism: In addition to making unique experience-Ha Giang tour services, Loka is also a completely free travel advice portal for all visitors coming to Ha Giang. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties during the trips or simply we can help you to schedule and choose the appropriate itinerary, accommodations…
  • Lokahagiang food: With the desire to be the connection between REAL and Unique local specialties of ethnic communities in Ha Giang and everyone else. Outstanding products of Lokahagiang food such as: Shan Tuyet tea, mint honey, herbal oil, yellow flower sticky rice, dried buffalo meat, hand-woven flax…


  • In addition to exploiting community tourism services in local areas, Lokahagiang regularly organizes and combines NGOs, the government, and donors to carry out social work. The most recent project of Lokahagiang is: Training and instructing farmers to do community homestays, specifically the cost of construction, ways to set up rooms, how to operate business, how to communicate, use social media tools to connect with travelers…