Lokahagiang is committed to protecting all customer’s private information. Please read our privacy policy below to better understand the commitments we make to respect and protect the rights of our website visitors.

The purposes we use your personal information

Lokahagiang collects and uses customers’ personal information for the appropriate purpose and complies with the content of this privacy policy. When necessary we will contact you through this personal information.

Your personal information that we collect can help us:
  • Support you when using services of Lokahagiang
  • Answer all your questions and inquiries about our service
  • Provide our latest information, news, and promotional material 
  • Verify your identity and to assist you if you forget your username or password for any of the services we provide to you via the Internet
  • Analyze how you use the site to improve our quality and it fits our customers’ requirements.

Information we collect

To access and use the services of Lokahagiang, you may be asked to provide information such as (Email, full name, phone number, …) to register. All information you declare to us must be accurate and legal. Lokahagiang is not responsible for any legal information declared by customers.

We will collect information about your visits, the number of pages you view, the number of links you click and other information related to the connection to our website. When you use the web browser to access the website, we also collect the following information: IP address, type of web browser, time and location that the browser accesses.

Security when using your personal information

Except for the case of collecting personal information of customers to serve the needs stated in the above privacy policy, we commit not to disclose any personal information as well as share your personal information outside.

We may provide your information in the following cases when it is absolutely necessary:

  • If you have authorized us to do so;
  • If we have given you notification of the intended use or disclosure and you have not objected to that use or disclosure;
  • If we believe that the use or disclosure is reasonably necessary to assist a law enforcement agency or an agency responsible for national security in the performance of their functions;
  • If we believe that the use or disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce any legal rights we may have, or is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property and safety of us, our customers, or others; or
  • If we are authorized, required or permitted by law to disclose the information.
  • Upon request from a competent legal authority
  • In an emergency and necessary situation to protect personal safety of Lokahagiang members

Information retrieval and correction of personal information data

At any time, you can access and correct your personal information by following the link we provide.

Privacy statement

  • Customer’s personal information is absolutely confidential by Lokahagiang
  • Do not transfer or provide to any 3rd party without consent from you and confirmation from us
  • Lokahagiang recommends that you keep your personal information confidential, do not share personal information with anyone else.