Best time to visit Ha Giang, Viet Nam (Update 2023)

Ha Giang is a must-visit destination in Vietnam in recent years. However, when is the best time to visit Ha Giang? Let’s find out with LOKA Ha Giang.
Located 320km to the north of Hanoi, Ha Giang is the most pristine and majestic destination in Vietnam. This place is definitely a worthy place that you MUST go to when coming to Vietnam. Therefore, Ha Giang is beautiful at any time of the year, and you can go there whenever you want to experience different beautiful landscapes and interesting activities.

Spring – Thousands of blooming rocks

Spring in Ha Giang - Thousands of blooming rocks
Spring in Ha Giang – Thousands of blooming rocks
Spring in Vietnam falls in around February, March, and April of the solar calendar. The climate in Ha Giang is extremely cool during this time, about 15-23 degrees Celsius. Sometimes the weather is still a bit chilly with a temperature of 7-13 degrees. This is considered the most beautiful time to visit Ha Giang, Vietnam, because you can enjoy the cool climate and beautiful natural scenery when thousands of rocks bloom. That’s the reason why many people consider spring as the best time to visit Ha Giang. Besides, if you travel there at this time, you can experience some festivals such as:
– Tết – the traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year (lasting from the 23rd December to the 15th January of the lunar calendar).
Khau Vai Love Market – a unique and special market in Vietnam that only takes place once a year (on the night of the 26th to the early morning of the 27th March of the lunar calendar).
– The season of making happy water (corn wine) – this is the most suitable time for making happiness because the climate is suitable for the development of wine yeast. It is also the time when people have just harvested the largest corn crop of the year.
– Tomb Sweeping Festival (in the beginning of the third lunar month) – This is the time when people in the highlands go “worshiping their ancestors’ graves” to visit their deceased relatives. They believe that this is the most beautiful time of the year to visit the dead.

Summer – Green vitality

Summer in Ha Giang, Vietnam falls between May and August in the solar calendar, during which the climate is slightly higher than in the summer. However, it is still quite cool with temperatures ranging from 25-30oC. In the highlands like Dong Van, the temperature can drop to 20-23 degrees at night. Especially, occasionally, there are rains, creating a fresh green vitality for Ha Giang in the summer.
Tourists in Ha Giang during this time not only enjoy the lush green beauty of corn and rice fields but also admire the Ha Giang landscape after the rain, with thousands of white clouds floating as if you are in utopian place.
Note that if you encounter heavy rain or storms, stop the trip and wait for 2-3 days before making another decision. Because heavy rain can be dangerous for your trip. For details about the weather and itinerary planning, you can contact LOKA Ha Giang via WhatsApp, and we will assist you with everything. Some notable events of this season:
– The flooding season in Hoang Su Phi in Western Ha Giang falls from May to early June in the solar calendar. This is the season when people sluice water into the terraced rice fields to prepare for the upcoming rice planting season.
– The season of harvesting hempt trees – during this time, you will see hempt fields resembling beautiful canabis fields. The Hmong people there will harvest the tree trunk and peel off the bark to create a type of linen fabric. It serves daily life such as making dresses or taking it along when dying.
Summer in Ha Giang - The season of harvesting hempt trees
Summer in Ha Giang – The season of harvesting hempt trees
– The fruit season: If spring is the season of thousands of rocks blooming, this is the season to enjoy sweet fruits like peach, plum, pear, … You will enjoy tasting the sweet fruit during this season.

Fall season – Ha Giang’s golden season

Fall in Ha Giang is in September, October, and November, which is the coolest time of the year, not too cold like winter or too hot like summer. The average temperature ranges from 18-23oC, sometimes dropping to 13-15 degrees on the Dong Van Karst Plateau. Some highlights of the Ha Giang fall season:
– The season of bees collecting honey, normally in other areas of Vietnam, March is the season when bees collect honey. However, in Ha Giang, there is a very special honey called “mint honey”. Honey is collected from bees that suck nectar from wild mint flowers growing on the rocky mountains. This is the type of honey that is considered to have the best medicinal properties among all types of honey. If you have a chance to come here, try a cup of “ginger honey mint tea”. Good for health and suitable for long and chilly trip of this season.
– The season of golden ripe rice in western Ha Giang. In the period of late September to early October of the solar calendar in Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang is the time when the terraced fields turn golden. This is also where the most beautiful terraced rice fields in Vietnam are located. Once you come to Ha Giang at this time but miss this, it will be extremely regrettable because it only happens once a year. That’s the reason why a lot of travelers consider fall as the best time to visit Ha Giang.
Many people consider fall as the best time to visit Ha Giang
Many people consider fall as the best time to visit Ha Giang
– The season of buckwheat flowers: a special type of flower in the rocky area blooms at this time, it is extremely loved by Vietnamese people. People here use to make cakes and cook wine.

Winter – Life in the land of rock

Winter in Ha Giang falls in December, January, and February in Vietnam, which is the coldest time of the year. The average temperature is 8-13 degrees, sometimes dropping to below zero with snowfall. Unlike spring with vibrant colors, summer with its lively atmosphere, or autumn with its brilliance, winter brings a gray and somber hue, yet it still manages to attract and captivate visitors in a unique way. Some notable events during winter in Ha Giang include:
– The phenomenon of snow or ice falling around the end of January or the beginning of February in the solar calendar. If you can withstand the cold or enjoy it, you can visit during this time.
Winter in Ha Giang - Life in the land of rock
Winter in Ha Giang – Life in the land of rock
– Corn harvesting season: the dry and gray cornstalks dot the yellowing corn cobs left on the plants. At the end of December, people are busy harvesting the only corn crop of the year.
In your opinion, when is the best time to visit Ha Giang? As for LOKA Ha Giang, we will always be here to welcome you warmly and enthusiastically all year round once you visit our land.
If you encounter any difficulties in planning your upcoming Ha Giang trip, you can contact us at LOKA. If you need help finding suitable services such as renting motorbikes, cars, easyriders, private tours, or trekking tours, we are here to assist you. Have a good trip!

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