Top 5 things to do in Quan Ba, Ha Giang

Quan Ba is the first highland district that you should drop by on your loop journey. Since it’s far from Ha Giang town about 50km, it is often overlooked, or very little information is shared about this place. This place not only offers breathtaking scenery to admire but also has many experiences that are waiting for you. Let’s find out best things to do in Quan Ba with LOKA Ha Giang!

Enjoy a cup of coffee with a million-dollar view

From Ha Giang City to start the Loop journey about 50km, you will arrive at Quan Ba Heaven Gate – The first gate to enter Dong Van karst plateau, also an ideal place for you to take a rest and admire the majestic mountainous scenery after a long journey in the car. The gate was built by Hmong King in the past to mark his autonomous region, but now it no longer exists.
Enjoy a cup of coffee at Quan Ba Heaven Gate
Enjoy a cup of coffee at Quan Ba Heaven Gate
Coming to this place, in addition to admiring the majestic natural scenery like heaven, you can’t miss the experience of enjoying a cup of coffee (or LOKA highly recommends you taste local drinks that are good for health such as honey ginger tea, chamomile tea, etc. – will be the ideal choice for cold days). Luckily to come here on beautiful days, you have opportunities to admire the sea of clouds floating in the vast space as if you are lost in a fairyland.

Admire the beauty of the fairy’s breast

Just 1km from Quan Ba Heaven Gate, you come right to Fairy Twin Mountains – the two mountains look like the breasts of a beautiful woman. Having imaginative beauty, one of a kind, it’s completely natural. It is supposed to be the “breast” of a fairy left behind to raise her baby boy before she left the Earth. Read our Twin Mountain blog to learn about this interesting fairy tale!
1 of the best things to do in Quan Ba - Admire Twin Mountain view
1 of the best things to do in Quan Ba – Admire Twin Mountain view
The most ideal location to admire the beauty of the “breast” is on an observation hilltop. Trekking 239 steps to come here, you can see the most complete image of the twin mountains and the panoramic view of Tam Son town surrounded by 3 impressive mountains. The scene changes seasonally and shows its own beauty by the interweaving of different colors like the green of rice and corn, etc., the bright yellow of canola flowers, or the simple brown color of the rocky plateau. In particular, the most beautiful time that LOKA thinks of is in the ripe rice season, interweaving the sea of clouds floating around the “breast” creating a charming natural scene. That’s why it’s said, what truly regrettable not to see the twin mountains when visiting Quan Ba!

Explore the most stunning cave on the karst plateau

Hiding on the high mountain of the primeval Hmong village, Lung Khuy is a masterpiece of mother nature given to the land of Quan Ba. The cave is pristine with unique stalactites, evoking a rich imagination for you. In addition, it has a mysterious and magical beauty associated with the spiritual life of the people here. Read our Lung Khuy cave blog to note some information before entering the cave.
Explore the most stunning cave on the karst plateau
Explore the most stunning cave on the karst plateau
To reach the entrance of the cave, we need to trek about 1.2 km by the stairs along the mountainside. Each season, the trek path shows us the different beauties of nature and the beauty of human labor. Scenes of people farming in corn fields in summer or in barren rock fields in winter or the simple image of people collecting firewood, cutting grass, taking buffaloes home, … also bring us special emotions. And a question spring into our minds “How can they farm and survive on such a rocky place?”. Therefore, coming to Lung Khuy cave, in addition to admiring the unique beauty of nature, you also clearly feel the extraordinary and energetic life of the people here.

Visit the precious “treasures” of the Hmong people

Quan Ba not only has beautiful nature, and extraordinary people but also a place where the precious traditions of the Hmong people are clearly handed down to generations. Among them, we must mention the Lung Tam hand-woven linen village, founded by artisan Vang Thi Mai. She is known as the leading bird in weaving flax from the day it was just valuable to the Hmong people, going beyond country borders, and conquering the most difficult markets such as the US, France, Switzerland, Japan, etc. How could a Hmong woman do this? She has great achievements and positive changes for the Hmong community when bringing linen to the world.
Visit the precious "treasures" of the Hmong people
Visit the precious “treasures” of the Hmong people
Coming there, you can hear and see about the birth and the steps to create linen, as well as admire and buy yourself unique linen products. Although weaving a cloth can take up to a year and take a lot of effort, the people here still work day and night to protect a precious culture that their ancestors left behind. For the Hmong people nowadays, linen is not only associated with life, a link to their roots but also becomes an important cultural symbol. Hence, it’s truly a missed opportunity when visiting Quan Ba without stopping by Lung Tam linen weaving craft cooperative!

Experience the No. 1 community tourism village in Ha Giang

Finally, on the journey to discover the land of Quan Ba, Nam Dam village is an outstanding destination as well as a must-stay place, giving you a vivid experience of the traditional culture of the Dao ethnic people. You will be immediately impressed by the friendliness, civilization, methodical tourism activities, and the high solidarity of the whole village. Click on Nam Dam village now to understand why this place is “the No. 1 community tourism village in Ha Giang”. This is one of the best things to do in Quan Ba that you should come to experience.
1 of the best things to do in Quan Ba - Visit Nam Dam village
1 of the best things to do in Quan Ba – Visit Nam Dam village
Nam Dam is also an ideal destination for trekking to discover nature, mountains, and forests, and to feel a peaceful village with its own beauty. Besides, you can learn a part of their culture and daily life activities such as cooking and enjoying meals with the owner and bathing in Dao herbal leaves with the beautiful mountain scenery. You can also participate in their work such as picking medicinal leaves in the forest, farming, fishing, harvesting corn, etc. If you are lucky, you can also participate in unique traditional rituals of the Dao ethnic people such as the maturity ceremony, the funeral ceremony, etc.
The above experiences are top 5 things to do in Quan Ba. They are not really enough because when you come to Quan Ba, this land will show you even more surprises. If you know another experience, feel free to share it with LOKA. If you have any difficulties in your upcoming or current trip, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you with a suitable and safe journey. Have a good trip!

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