Lung Khuy Cave – The most beautiful cave of Ha Giang

Lung Khuy Cave is known as the “The most beautiful cave of Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark” as of the time when the caves in Ha Giang were announced. It is another masterpiece that Mother Nature has gifted to the Quan Ba. Let explore it with LOKA Ha Giang !
Lung Khuy cave
Inside Lung Khuy cave
Located just over 10km from Fairy Twin Mountain, Lung Khuy Cave is a must-visit destination on your journey to discover Ha Giang. The cave is hidden on a high mountain in a primitive Hmong ethnic village. Although the cave has existed for a very long time, with an age of about 400-500 million years, it was only announced and developed for tourism in 2015. The cave is closely associated with the spiritual life of the local Hmong people. Besides admiring the beauty here, you can also experience the daily life of the locals. Each season brings its own unique beauty, sometimes it’s just passing through fields of ripe corn in summer or barren rocky fields in winter. Sometimes it’s just simple images of the local people’s labor, such as gathering firewood or cutting grass for cattle. And it may make you wonder how they can cultivate and survive on a land full of karst like this.
How to get to Lung Khuy Cave

How to get Lung Khuy cave

lung khuy cave
Footpath of lung khuy cave
By entering “Lung Khuy Cave” on Google Maps search and following the instructions, you can easily get there. Or just follow the signs on the road. However, it is inaccessible to get there by motorbike or car directly. You need to park your vehicle at the parking lot with the fee of about 5,000 VND, and about 20,000 VND for a car. To the cave entrance, you need to trek more 1.2 km.
The entrance fee is 50,000 VND/person, including a headlight for easy observation. The cave is designed with a looped staircase to minimize slipping and easy for sightseeing. Besides the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that boost your imagination, there are two outstanding locations in the cave: The praying well for heir (local people believe that when facing infertility issues, drinking water from this well will fulfill their desire for children) and the praying well for wealth (the way to this location is much more difficult, with slippery and uneven terrain, however, when you arrive, you will be amazed to see a large, blue gem-like water well hidden deep inside the cave. Local people believe that praying and taking this water home will bring good fortune and prosperity).
Well of praying for baby
Well of praying for baby

Some notes when visiting the cave

– Be careful when passing through low stalactites, and cover your head with your hands to pass through
– Absolutely do not touch the stalactites as it can easily affect their development
– Bring your own drinking water and non-slip sports shoes
– Dispose of trash in designated areas
– Respect the local culture and customs, absolutely do not be too curious about them, as well as respect the indigenous people by not giving money or candy to children and local people.
It is really worth the effort and time to come there to admire this cave, right? For those who have been there, what do you think about this place? Leave a comment below to let Loka Ha Giang know and don’t miss the next place in Nam Dam village –  Dao ethnic based-community. If you have any difficulty in planning your Ha Giang Loop trip, please contact us, LOKA Ha Giang, we are always by your side.

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