Quan Ba Twin Mountain – The forgotten Fairy’s Bosom

Located about 1km from Quan Ba Heaven Gate on 4C highway is the Fairy’s Bosom. These are two symmetrical mountains next to each other that resemble the breast of a young girl. According to the local lore, this is the bosom left by the fairy many years ago.

Tam Son town
Tam Son town close Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Quan Ba Twin Mountain – A present from nature

Without human’s touch, this is a natural gift created for Quan Ba. The legend said that long ago, when the division of heaven and earth were still blurred, a fairy came down to earth and met a handsome H’mong man who was skilled at playing flute. They fell in love and had a child. When the God found out, he forced the fairy back to heaven. Returned home, the fairy only mourned for her husband and child from the heaven above, and then she decided to leave her breasts for her husband to raise their child. Along with the time, nowadays it is known as the Fairy Twin Mountains and the tears of the fairy created a peaceful river, the Mien River.
Quan Ba Twin Mountains
Quan Ba Twin Mountain panorama

How to get to the Fairy’s Bosom Viewpoint

Through the Heaven Gate, you will see the parking lot with the sign to the Twin Mountains. From here, you need to trek up 239 steps to reach the viewpoint and enjoy the panoramic view of the Fairy Twin Mountains.
From the top of the viewpoint, you can admire the entire Quan Ba Twin Mountain. For each season, you will see different colors intermingled with patches of green from rice, corn, soybeans, and sometimes canola flowers… or the brown color of the soil. You will not want to miss the most beautiful time of ripe golden rice mixed with a glimpse of clouds over the Twin Mountains.
Quan Ba Twin Mountains
Fairy’s Bosom Viewpoint
Besides, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of Tam Son town which is surrounded by three mountains.
In conclusion
I guess you will be “amazed” by a pair of beautiful and symmetrical breasts that make many women jealous. Or if you have any ideas about this attraction, please let us know and don’t be missed the next point – Lung Khuy Cave. If you have any difficulty in planning your Ha Giang Loop trip, please contact us, Loka Ha Giang, we are always by your side.

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