Quan Ba Heaven Gate – The first gateway to Dong Van Karst

Located on 4C highway named “Hanh Phuc” (Happiness), about 50km from Ha Giang City, Quan Ba Heaven Gate is the first gateway to step into Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. Here, visitors can enjoy the majestic mountain scenery and savor a cup of coffee with a stunning view. If you visit here in good weather, you can also admire the sea of clouds.

People enjoy the view of Quan Ba Heaven Gate
People enjoy the view of Quan Ba Heaven Gate

What is Heaven Gate?

In Ha Giang as well as in the highlands of Northwest Vietnam, the name “Heaven Gate” is quite common. Any place that is the highest point in the area, crossing two mountain cliffs and difficult to reach to, it is called Heaven Gate. Moreover, in the past, local people mainly traveled on rudimentary means as walking or riding horse…

Quan Ba Heaven Gate after the rain

This place is about 1,500m above sea level. During the winter days, it is mainly covered by fog and clouds. But after rain in the summer days, you often encounter floating clouds like walking in the sky.

In 1939, the Hmong King erected a giant gate made of 13cm thick iron-wood. Behind this gate, towards Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark is the self-governing place of the Hmong people (the Hmong King palace). However, the gate is no longer there.

Things to do in Quan Ba Heaven Gate (what to experience at the gate)

From Heaven Gate, you can see the panoramic view of Quan Ba and the famous Nam Dam community-based tourism village of the Dao people. In this village, nearly 100% of the local people own homestay services, with high solidarity and preservation of traditional features such as “stilt houses”, specific costumes, hospitality, and friendliness.

Coffee with Quan Ba Heaven Gate view
Coffee with Quan Ba Heaven Gate view

One of the experiences not to be missed when coming here is to enjoy a cup of coffee (or local beverage such as ginger tea with honey, chamomile ginger tea with honey, which is very enjoyable in cold days of winter season) with a view of majestic mountains and elegant rivers and lakes.

Is it a worth destination?

Quan Ba Heaven Gate with rainbow
Quan Ba Heaven Gate with rainbow

The worry of concern will be disappeared once you step here. Each of tourists must admit the elegance which this place brings to them. However, if you come here on foggy days, you should reconsider yourself and see you in another chance to visit Fairy Mountain before ending the Ha Giang Loop .

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