Lao Xa village – A primitive Hmong village in Ha Giang

Located 24km from Dong Van town, Lao Xa village is still a new place to many people, but it is one of the most beautiful Hmong villages in Ha Giang. The pristine nature and primitive cultural identity of the people living in the mountainous region are still preserved there. It is an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist destinations. You can trek around the village, and experience the extraordinary daily life of the locals. Let’s explore more with LOKA Ha Giang!
Lao Xa village looks like a fairy picture
Lao Xa village looks like a fairy picture
Lao Xa is a small village located near the China border, belonging to Sung La commune, Dong Van town, about 6 km from the center of the commune. It has become known recently but LOKA thinks it is a worth place to visit. The village has only about 50 households on a completely rocky terrain. Here, you can not only admire the pristine and majestic beauty of nature but also feel the resilience of the people who live in such a harsh environment of rocks and stones.

How to get there

From Tham Ma slope, continue on QL4C for about 14km to the center of Sung La commune, and then go 2km further, and you will see a T-junction with a map sign, turn left and go another 4km to reach Lao Xa village. Alternatively, you can search for “Lao Xa Ancient Hmong Homestay” on Google Maps for directions.
The way to Lao Xa village
The way to Lao Xa village

An unreal village you shouldn’t miss

Walking around the village, you can see the image of old clay houses (trinh tuong house) with 3 space yin – yang tiled roofs, low wooden doors, surrounded by fences and stone walls. If you pay attention, you will see that every courtyard has apricot and plum trees. After the Lunar New Year is “the rock blooming” season, the pinkish color of cherry blossoms blends with the white color of plum flowers, and the yellow color of canola flowers in front of the house creates a picturesque scenery like nothing you’ve seen before.
 Traditional house of Hmong Ethnic group
Traditional house of Hmong Ethnic group
However, what impresses us even more is how the people here can survive in a place full of rocks! They do not have water to grow rice, only a little land to grow corn. Corn is the main ingredient to serve daily meals as well as to feed their livestock. The most impressive thing is most of the people of Lao Xa village only communicate each other by their own language and even are not good at Vietnamese. They also keep the lifestyle of many generations living together under the same roof.
Working in the rocky highlands
Working in the rocky highlands
Coming there, you not only feel a peaceful village with its own characteristics, learn a part of the culture, but also experience some traditional crafts such as handmade silver carving.

Accommodation in the village

Currently, there is only one homestay in the village called “Lao Xa Ancient House” owned by a young Hmong man who wishes to preserve the traditional culture of his people and make a living in his homeland. As the homestay has only been operating for the past 2 years, the owner has been working to improve and add amenities that are suitable for guests and affordable for the family. There are currently dormitory rooms with curtains available. In addition, if you only want to visit, you can stop there to enjoy a cup of ginger honey tea, coffee, etc.
Mr Vang Mi Hong - The owner of "Lao Xa ancient house" homestay
Mr Vang Mi Hong – The owner of “Lao Xa ancient house” homestay
What’s more interesting is that the owner of the homestay, Mr Vang Mi Hong, is a talented and artistic Hmong person. In addition to cooking unique dishes of his ethnic group, he also performs and shares his traditional musical instruments after every meal.

Some notes when visiting Lao Xa village

– There are many local customs and practices that may be difficult to understand, so you should ask for permission before participating something unfamiliar.
– Do not give money or candy to children and the elderly without permission.
– The distance from 4C highway to Lao Xa village is about 5 km uphill and sometimes covered in thick fog, so be cautious when driving.
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